Interviewed about PermOccupy by Willi Paul of Planetshifter Magazine


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…Are you saying that the PermOccupy movement is the last chance humans will have to save the Earth?

Essentially, yes…. the current governance model is inherently unsustainable, so whatever is going to challenge it must either catalyze a startlingly pervasive and massive transformation within government, or become the new governance.

…There comes Occupy with no ideology or overall insistence on any belief system whatsoever. This allows great flexibility to the movement and individuals within it. There’s no party line or required manner, style or belief system. It is, if and when fully and faithfully executed, utterly pragmatic problem solving joined with activism. This is what Permaculture has always intended to promote, so the fit is excellent: Non-ideologically-based activism with non-ideologically-based design.

We are already at 2012. The Arctic could melt out in summer as early as this year, and quite likely within the next four years. Do we have time to birth and build yet another movement? I don’t think so. More and more scientists are echoing the need for change within the next 5 – 10 years…

Check out the PermOccupy concept, download the .pdf and join in creating PermOccupy by going to Google docs and adding your thoughts.